I’m so delighted to publish my first very mini article at PockoTimes.com: it’s about a collection of prints, ‘100 Views of New Tokyo’, which were made by a collective of eight Japanese artists in the late 20s and early 30s. I’ve loved this collection for years but there isn’t much written specifically about it in English (when I approached the British Museum for source texts, they suggested quite a lot of books in Japanese!), so perhaps somebody more equipped will do a little more research. Anyway they are gorgeous and more people should see them.

Read my article here: http://www.pocko.com/100-views-new-tokyo/

and in the meantime, enjoy:

NEW TOKYO-8A_087_1932_Fukazawa Fukagawa Garbage Incinerator (#96), 11/1/1930, by Suwa Kanenori NEW TOKYO-8A_044_1930_Henmi

NEW TOKYO-8A_047_1931_HenmiNEW TOKYO-8A_042_1930_Henmi NEW TOKYO-8A_051_1929-32_HenmiThe Kabuki Theatre at Night (#19), 6/1/1930, by Fujimori ShizuoRising Sun Shell, Showa Street (#84), 6/1/1930, by Fukazawa SakuImperial Hotel (#45), 10/1/1930, Henmi TakashiHibiya Open Air Music Hall (#33), 11/1/1930, by Onchi KoshiroAsakusa (#94), 5/1/1930, by Suwa KanenoriSakurada Gate (#93), 2/1/1930, Suwa Kanenori, printmakerNEW TOKYO-8A_042_1930_Henmi